Storage Unit Auctions – Find Out What They Are All About

If you are looking for a great way to generate money you should take a look at storage unit auctions. Storage Auctions are receiving a great deal of coverage in the regional and national media right now, almost certainly a result of the two new Shows on TV covering this subject on Spike (Auction Hunters) and A&E (Storage Wars). Creating wealth with this type of auction does involve a small amount of start-up money, however you stand a high probability of recovering those funds again and more.

Storage unit auctions are usually advertised in your local newspaper. However you can contact local storage companies and request the dates of the auctions. Billed as being the ‘Modern Day Treasure Hunts,’ storage unit auctions are held on a regular basis at storage auction facilities through the entire country and so are truly a very worthwhile pursuit? Just about 10,000 storage auctions take place annually. There will almost certainly be some in your area.

Self Storage Units are leased to those who need extra room to keep their things. There are numerous circumstances in which individuals stop paying their storage space fees. Storage Rental Companies will attempt to recover their lost rental fees by having a public storage auction. Many reasons exist why a person would abandon their valuables inside a storage space, but for reasons unknown, what this means is an incredible saving available for you on all kinds of stuff. Legally, all those valuables in storage have to be auctioned when abandonment takes place.

One of many attractive things about storage auction business is that it’s great for people who work full time. Most of these auctions are held on week-ends and in the evening hours. The storage unit owners are aware that lots more people should be able to attend during these periods.

Prior to setting out ways that one could walk away from a this business generating a profit, it is very important to emphasize the risk. As opposed to estate auctions, you do not take a look at or check out the items before the start of the auction. On most occasions, you will be putting in a bid blindly. If you would like make money from storage unit auctions, you’ll need to “bid and win” items that you could re-sell. Some places you can resell your items could be in flea markets, garage sales, or online on eBay and Craigslist,

Should you be considering to get involved in any storage auctions in the near future, then you have to be well prepared and be aware of rules and regulations of these kinds of auctions, in addition to some tricks and tips on how to get started. For additional info be sure you have a look at this excellent website that has lots of information on storage unit auctions.

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Mini Storage Units – Home Storage Away From Home

Self storage warehouses are places away from your home to store your extra belongings. Throughout our life we collect many things that we consider special and do not like to part with. But, these things are not used regularly in our daily life. You may sometimes think that they are simply occupying a lot of space in your home and to create more useful space in your home, you have to discard them, but not anymore!

You can safely put them in a mini storage and enjoy the dual benefit of creating space in your home as well as keeping your belongings safe and secured. These storage units are quite useful for individuals and small business owners. Individuals can store their personal belongings, cars, motor boats, furniture, or any kind of home d├ęcor, which are not used frequently. Small business owners face the problem of limited office space and with new stock coming in; they need ample space to store their archived items.

Self storage warehouses offer a plenty of benefits and facilities. Some of these are as follows:

* Self storage facilities come in a wide range of sizes. It allows you to rent a storage unit in a size that works the best for you, depending on how many goods you wish to store and in what size they can actually fit.
* You can choose between a standard, non-air conditioned room and a climate-controlled Self storage, depending on the type of items you want to store. These facilities are heated or cooled according to your requirements.
* Most of these units are provided with proper security features, including a CCTV camera that records all the movements in the area. The keys of your storage unit are only with you. Even the main entrance is secured with an alarm system. Besides, the whole building is properly lit at night to keep burglars away.
* Self storage facilities have regular pest control programs and are kept clean.
* Adequate measures are also taken to protect your personal items from damage caused due to water.
* Client access to rented storage units is allowed 24/7 and you do not need a prior appointment.
* Except a few restrictions, you can practically store anything in these units and complete privacy is maintained.
* Most self storage warehouses are located near residential areas, which provide easy accessibility.
* It is extremely cost effective as you need to pay on a monthly basis for a mini storage and need not enter into a contract.
* These mini storage units are extremely beneficial for college students who have a tendency to purchase a lot of things, which becomes difficult to store, especially during vacations.
* Multi-storey self storage warehouses have the facility of elevators, rolling carts, or moving dollies.

If you plan to use any of these storage facilities, make sure that you to choose a service provider near your area, which will provide you easy and fast access to your belongings. Conduct a thorough research to facilitate the decision-making process.

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Features To Look For In A Storage Unit

Most of us need to rent a storage unit sometime or the other in life. This is quite understandable because storage units provide security and convenience to put away a wide array of our belongings. You have a storage unit for just about any stuff you name. No wonder warehousing today is a broad-spectrum business covering not just the regular self-storage units but also storage rentals as diverse as furniture storage, boat storage and car storage.

A starter who is on the lookout for a storage facility will, however, need to keep in mind certain key issues before buying a unit on rent.


All said, a unit located near your residence is the most convenient, unless of course you find a distant one having far superior benefits than the one located nearer to you. However, if you are looking to store your recreational vehicle, an RV storage facility near to your home will be a better choice than renting a covered unit.


Modern warehouses offer a wide range of unit sizes. Choose one that best suits your needs after taking into account your future requirements.


Most warehouses have state of the art security features. However, it will do well to have a check before hand. When inspecting the facility ensure whether the warehouse has,

* CCTV and burglar alarms

* Security staff round the clock

* Fire alarms and smoke detectors

* Provision to have your own padlock for that extra protection


In all probability, the storage owner will provide insurance to the customer, but it pays to be sure that the policy covers all vital issues.

* The coverage should be exhaustive, inclusive of protection from perils such as lightning, explosions, earthquakes, civil commotions, flood and theft.

* Get to know beforehand the items not covered by insurance.

* Get familiar on how to value your goods, and what you should do in the event of a claim.

Climate Controlled Unit

Sensitive and precious items need special care from the elements. Antiques, furniture and electronic items require climate control to prevent damage and deterioration during long-term storage. Climate control works by maintaining the temperature inside a building above freezing point at all times during winters and below 90 degree Fahrenheit during summers. In addition, the humidity is also maintained within acceptable limits. Excessive humidity is harmful to items such as musical instruments, wooden furniture and cameras. No doubt, climate control will cost you more, but preserving your valuables is worth that extra buck.


The size of the unit and duration are two important elements that make up the cost of storage rental. Of course, you may have to shell out extra bucks if you choose a climate controlled unit. Rentals can end up being expensive if you choose a unit larger than what you require. Long-term storage of low value items will not make a sound financial decision. A better idea will be to clear clutter from your own home than putting them away in a storage rental.

A well-chosen storage unit will provide you with security, adequate protection for your belongings and most of all peace of mind.

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